lodge pm or musette perfo


Which one will it be?

  1. Lodge PM

  2. Perfo Musette

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. OK I am getting ready to buy me 2nd new LV and I can't decide between the Lodge PM in Black MC or Musette Perfo in Fuschia. I really love them both. So I need opinions
  2. id say lodge pm ^_^
  3. The perfo is really nice and different. I just can't get to liking those buckles on the lodge.
  4. musette perfo
  5. I went with my husband and he really liked the Musette perfo. I was really surprised. He doesn't usually like anything I want to spend over $1000 on.
  6. LOVE the Lodge.
  7. Lodge PM
    it's a no-brainer
    i (am sorry if i offend anyone with this, but) hate the Perfo line
  8. I actually don't mind Musette Perfo.
  9. both beautiful but definetely the musette!
  10. I think the Musette, even if you decide to say wear it for 2 months or so it'll have a great Special Edition resale value, enough to buy that Lodge if you decide to choose that later.
  11. That's what I was thinking.
  12. :heart: my Mussette Perfo :yes:
  13. I voted for the Lodge PM.
  14. I'm voting for the Lodge PM!
  15. I have the lodge PM (in white) and think it's really cute! But the Musette seems kinda cool too, it'll instantly make you stand out! But I think you need to be quite tall in order to wear the Musette cuz it's kinda big and structured vertically which may make shorter gals seem even more short. Tell us which you decide on! :biggrin: