Lodge PM black or Baggy PM?

  1. which one is better? and can someone please show me the inside of it.. :yes:
  2. I love both but I think Lodge is better since it´s a bit more stuctured.
  3. i love lodge PM, for baggy--the GM model is cuter!! :smile:
  4. Baggy PM!!! Baggy PM!!! (the denim one, right?)
    So glamorous, and pretty, and feminine, and luxurious, gorgeous... it hs the right size for the evening... and the busload of a everyday's purse...:queen:
    Listen to me!;)
  5. baggy pm!
  6. Lodge PM black....I have one and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Baggy PM :love:
  8. Lodge PM!!
  9. I love my Lodge, it's much more of a classic LV; the baggy is fun and hip. I want baggy too! Whatever is your style is what ya need to get!
  10. Lodge Pm! Here are some pics: (1) inside (2) inside pocket (3) inside of outside pocket

  11. baggy! :love:
  12. Love the lodge, especially in black!
  13. I just saw someone with the Lodge PM today and she looked absolutely stunning with it...so I'd say Lodge PM
  14. i have them both. they fit the same amount of stuff inside. The only difference is that the lodge is more structured than the baggy. Also the baggy's extra pockets are a little bigger and the outside zipper compartment is good for easy access to like a cell phone
  15. hey thanks for the pics :yes: ... still having a hard time on deciding which im going to get though....:Push: :shrugs:
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