Locky BB

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  1. Has anyone seen the Locky BB in person yet? I'm kind of digging the pictures
  2. Try the SS 2019 thread, heaps of pics and plenty of discussion concerning this bag.
  3. I'm wondering the same thing! It is adorable! Can't wait to see modeling shots of it.
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    I just ordered mine in red and mono and will receive it next week at the store.
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  5. I think it is SO cute I just am trying to hold off and get something a little more dressy. I wish the lock was a little smaller too > :O
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  6. What do you think of Blanchee BB? Locky Bb or Blanchee BB?
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  7. They're both gorgeous bags. IMHO I wonder if the Lucky BB will be more "structured" and hold that shape easier than the Blanchee BB since that's made of the empreinte? But that's only based on what I've read about the empreinte softening.
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  8. ahluc18 - I just came across a thread about the Blanchee BB ... definitely check it out. I have to agree for the all empreinte leather that is a great price point. Might be something unique and different from the Locky BB?
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  9. Thanks for your opinion. I am kinda of between the line as I like them both. I like Locky BB like you said it is more structure and looks cute and flashy and I like Blanchee BB of its feminine look and it can dress up and dress down. Argh it is hard to decide.
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  10. It truly is - all of the bags I'm drooling over in a price range I can work with are very casual. I think I need something easy like the PA, which I have but am still unsure of, and then one dressy. I think they're both gorgeous - just depends n what you prefer. I just know I cannot handle a bag that doesn't have structure at the bottom. I also don't like it if they don't have the little metal feet ... sometimes canvas will be ok but I'd be worried about other leather. I love the feet at the bottom of the alma PM that I have, but it is certainly a structured bag. Hard decisions!!
  11. Locky BB is super cute, but really small. Hope they will introduce the 'normal' size soon
  12. I saw the Locky BB and it is really small inside, I tried it and the closure would bother me. I also tried the Blanche BB and i posted in the Blanche BB thread that I loved it but felt it sat a little high when worn crossbody. They are both beautiful bags - it’s really going to depend on your preference. Definitely goto the store and try them on - you will know right away which one is for you - Good Luck
  13. Do you think an iPhone plus can fit?
  14. An iPhone plus can definitely fit in the Blanche BB. I actually saw a YouTube video done by a women who showed what fits inside the Blanche BB. She was able to fit a Poland’s Spring Size water bottle and a bunch of other stuff. I was amazed .
    I’m honestly not sure if it will fit in the Locky BB I’m thinking yes, however that bag is flatter/slimmer and the phone would take up the majority of the space. I haven’t searched that bag on YouTube but definitely check it out to see if there’s a “what fits in my bag” video for that bag. People post them pretty quickly so you may get lucky.
    Good Luck with your decision
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  15. Thanks for the information!!