Locks on the Speedy Bandouliere.... have a different type of metal ? The locks are

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  1. Does the locks on the Speedy Bandouliere.... have a different type of metal ? The locks are shinier.... so I didn't know if they use a different type of metal than what is on the lock/key of regular speedy.

    Why are the locks so shiny on the speedy B ?
  2. anyone ? I think the locks on the bandouliere are made of a better quality ? maybe in a complete brass lock ?
    Where as the regular speedy or regular locks are just made of coated brass?

    Can anyone confirm this ?
  3. I think they just vary depending on their age whereas the locks on pricier - for instance vernis- bags are made of a different material which explains the price difference when replacing one. Replacement lock for any speedy is about 32$ and one for an alma vernis is about 50$.

  4. Is the empreinte locks the same? I wonder if they won't tarnish as much...
  5. Ohhhh.... so it's the expensive bags that get the more shinier expensive lock.

    When you go to the LV store... do you have to ask for the expensive lock (Alma vernis) lock for $50 ? Do they just sell those locks separately ... if you don't want the $35 regular lock ?
  6. So I just called the Louis vuitton customer service dept and they said there's only 1 type of lock that costs $39.... however, I feel like that is not true.
    There's gotta be an expensive one for sale too ?

    I really believe that one of the lock is real brass vs. not real brass ?
    The customer service person said it's because one is tarnished and one is not.

    Who is right ?
    I'm confused... I need a lock for speedy B and I want to get the right one.
  7. My SA said the empreinte speedy lock has a different code than the canvass speedy and they know it's of different quality.

  8. yes, the locks from empreinte bags are also the pricier kind

  9. I asked just recently and where I live they would have to order the pricier locks but the other ones they have in-stock. My SA said it would be no problem to order one. I don't know if it's easy to get everywhere, though.

  10. did you say you need a replacement lock for a speedy or for a vernis alma? They can't possibly be of the same quality. I had my SO get me a replacement lock and they just sold him a lesser quality one for about 30. The last time I was there I asked how much a replacement lock costs for my vernis alma and was told they would have to order it and it would cost 50. Weird goings-on🤔

  11. Hello,

    It's for a speedy bandouliere. Do you know if the Speedy Bandouliere has a different lock than a vernis alma ?
  12. Do you have any pics of the different quality locks ?

    Anyone have pics ?

    what would you say is different about the lock on the alma vernis ?
  13. Anyone else?