Locks on bars?

  1. This is so weird... Is this only happening to me?
  2. Nope. That is wierd!
  3. I know. I'm getting very confused. I hope its not a virus

    *runs antivirus on her computer*
  4. Uhm that is strange. Not a problem on our end that I know of. :shrugs:
  5. Eek. I've never seen that before..
  6. okay. i'm having the same sort of problem...but where the little mail envelope thingy is (that tells you new replies, whatever), i'm getting weird pictures. like, pictures of people i don't know...(you know how sometimes when your computer is running slow, pictures will stay up on a new screen until the new one fully loads? it's kinda like that- except it's nothing i've recently viewed). it's hard to explain...

  7. Ok, I ran an antivirus (no viruses! hehe), and I still have the problem with the locks.

    The locks images are everywhere:

    Any ideas of what to do.. will be great. Thanks!
  8. i don't have that, but at one point sometimes a page would load so that whenever i hovered over a link it disappeared :wtf: so i amused myself taking all the links off and then eventually i had to refresh the page, it was like a game :lol: it stopped though.
  9. Just wanted to add -- I deleted all of my Cache, and the problem is gone :smile:

    So if anyone has that problem in the future, there you go.
  10. :rochard: