Lockme II - noir or rubis?

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  1. I went to a shopping event at a local Louis Vuitton boutique and added two bags to my collection: a Lockme II in Noir and a Neverful pm in DA. The Lockme is my first leather LV and I'm having a hard time deciding whether to keep the Noir or return it for Rubis. Either works with my wardrobe - it's really a question of keeping a timeless classic like black or splurging on an accent color.

    For those who have purchased a bag in Noir- were you happy with it? If you have more than one leather bag, which color do you use most?

    I'm so undecided and hope to hear some good advice from TPF! Thank you
  2. Congratulations on your Lockme II and NF PM. :smile:

    If it helps, there's been two occasions when I chose coquelicot over noir -- thinking "oh, black is so sombre, I want a happy colour!" -- and I regretted it BOTH times! Not huge purchases though. Ended up giving away the coquelicot to my sister and getting one in noir for myself. The other item I still use but each time I pull it out I think, "should've gotten the black instead."

    I work in a very conservative field and occasions always call for subtlety and not pop. I hope you are able to consider where and when you'll use your beautiful Lockme II and go from there.
  3. Hi Litchi- Thank you for that feedback. It's so hard to know which to choose. My head says Noir- my heart says Rubis🙂
  4. Rubis is gorgeous... that's what I would pick.
  5. The noir I've seen have looked fantastic. I'm not a black bag girl though. I have one and I rarely use it. I'm partial to the light beige colours in that bag. Maybe show a mod shot to help us out? Do you have a lot of black bags already?
  6. Thanks Fabuleux for weighing in - I agree Rubis is gorgeous! Kellybuzzbuzz- surprisingly I don't actually own a black bag other than a Michael Kors tote which I carry when I don't have the right color bag for an outfit. I love the subtlety of the Lockme II and the size is perfect. I just need to figure out the color. It's helpful to hear everyone's perspective.
  7. I have the Lockme II in Noir. I have epi bags in fuchsia and Rubis. I also have 2 other black LV'S and a black chanel. Both of the colored bags I will use for a few days, get tired and switch. I love them but I do get tired of the color quicker. If you switch bags often anyway it wouldn't matter.. I wouldn't use one for a week straight. I don't know why. The boutique had the 2 tone demin Lockme but I knew I would get tired of 2 tone. I decided I would get a couple of Twillys & Bandeaus for my Lockme.
  8. Twilly

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  9. We're twins on the twilly! Looks perfect with your Lockme noir. ;)
  10. At a certain age, listening to my head has given me more contentment. Was surprised it applies to LV, too. :biggrin: Anyway, both are lovely so have fun deciding Baglady777! :hugs:
  11. They are both beautiful. I'm not a black bag person either, but I do own one nice black bag I can dress up or down ( Lady Dior in Medium). Since you don't have a dressy black bag, that one may be the obvious choice this time. I love the Rubis, and it would be my preference if you had black in your collection already. I don't think you can go wrong with either color. Good luck deciding.

  12. Wow- I never thought to use a twilly like that- it really ads a pop to your bag. Thank you for sharing
  13. Both are gorgeous but I prefer the Noir a little more.