LockMe II Compact Wallet (Inside Pics)

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  1. I was at Saks yesterday and was interested in the LockMe II Compact Wallet. I like compact wallets, but they usually don't have enough CC slots. This one has 8. I took some pics of the inside layout since it's so frustrating the LV website doesn't have any! I didn't go for it (even though the leather is soft and scrumptious) - I like to have a small zipped compartment. But this lovely wallet features:
    - A flat pocket and coin compartment under the "LV" flap
    - The back opens up via button tab to the 8 cc slots
    - The bill compartment is plenty big and very comfortably holds dollar bills flat

    Hope this helps anyone who's interested in this wallet!
    Slide1.JPG Slide2.JPG Slide3.JPG Slide4.JPG Slide5.JPG
  2. Thanks for the pics Anna. I had high hopes, but I really can't stand when they put CC slots on opposite sides. Makes the wallet warp and not sit nicely. :biggrin:
  3. Thank you for sharing photos, Anna. How do you like it? We're you considering it even without a zipper?
  4. Gorgeous wallet!
  5. I thought it was very nice. Clean design, soft leather. Besides the lack of zipper compartment, I chose not to buy it because it's kind of square-ish in shape. At least that was my impression of it. I just prefer rectangular wallets more. For some reason I really really like SLG's that are similar in size and shape to my iPhone 6s Plus. I like stack them together and not have one be too short or stick out. Kind of crazy I know. The zippy compact wallet was perfect size wise, but I got tired of opening the zipper up every time I wanted to pay. So I ended up selling it.
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  6. Do you think it would be difficult to close the main compartment if there were a lot of papers and cards in the billfold? I’m torn between this compact lockme wallet and the iris compact mahina wallet.
    Thank you
  7. I've looked at this wallet, too, but found it too "tall" for a compact wallet, if that makes sense. It's a big square - not a good shape, IMO.
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  8. Thanks very much. I was wondering about the measurements and kept comparing them to other wallets. Thanks again!
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    I was able to look at the Lockme II Compact wallet and Iris Mahina Compact wallet and I love them both...

    The lockme compact wallet appears very similar in size and shape to the Chanel compact wallet.

    The lockme compact wallet seems very easy to use. Just 1 snap and you can access the coin compartment that can fit folded bills and credit cards. The leather is so soft and feels luxurious but also appears to get impressions easily which doesn’t make it a carefree wallet for me. But I still love it.

    The Iris Mahina compact wallet was even more beautiful in person. I think it is more beautiful than the lockme. It has a lot of space in the zippered compartment. The layout is similar to the Louis Vuitton Flore compact wallet.
    My concern is the open main compartment between the card slots because I worry things may fall out when turning the wallet sideways to access the billfold. I feel I’d have to hold the wallet shut while turning it. Or maybe it’s just me because no one else has complained about this with the Iris or Flore wallets... if I could get over this worry, I’d choose the Iris wallet.

    I am not sure of which wallet to choose but I plan on looking at the Chanel compact wallet in caviar leather