Lockme Ever BB - pics

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  1. I have had some requests for additional pics of this bag ...Lockme Ever BB Noir

    20190703_121250_resized.jpg 20190713_074129_resized.jpg

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  2. Interior ... the sides expand to allow more room -- I don't carry much, but this gives some idea of the interior... 20190713_074252_resized.jpg 20190713_074335_resized.jpg
  3. comparison pic with Capu BB - very similar size - interior has more room because sides expand and no interior divider....

  4. How fun to se this bag on here! Thanks for the pictures!
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  5. Such a stunning bag! Thanks for sharing!
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  6. Looks to be a great grab. Thank you for all of the pics.
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  7. Lovely! I saw this in red white and black and it was soooo cute. Not a bad price point either.

    Can you wear it crossbody? When I tried it on, crossbody didn’t work too well on me and I am short.
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  9. Which should I keep?

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  10. I love both of these - do you prefer goldtone or silvertone hardware?
  11. Lockme!! :heart:
  12. Montignue or whatever that is called. lock me too similar to kelly
  13. Lockme :smile:
  14. I prefer gold-tone. It’d be almost perfect if the Lockme was in gold.
  15. You will probably like the Montaigne more since you prefer gold HW -- I love silver HW so Lockme is perfect for me!!
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