Lockme Day - have you got one?

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  1. Good morning ladies and gents,

    So I’ve been trying to see if there is any bags which I can get in replacement to my amethyst emp speedy 30, with a glazing issue. It’s a bag that I do like to use, it’s not too big but not too small however I’m a fan of big bags.

    Suggestions made in store have been a Twist MM, a capacine (which I’m not really a fan of) lots of other fixed totes but I A) like colour and B) want an equally functioning bag so in my mind a twist MM means I will basically be a bag down because it’s not going to be something I can use everyday. I did like the black lockme bucket in black with pink trim but still not 100% sure on it.

    So I was looking online and I’ve come across the Lockme Day in the Rose silk quartz BUT my local store doesn’t have it and before I hand over my beloved bag for possibly this one I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of it on them? I’ve tried searching on here and on the internet but nothing. I just want to know if it will suit me or look a bit small as I’m 5ft 9 and 147lbs. My daily bags apart from the speedy is an artsy emp and neverfull GM and on occasion a city steamer MM.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. So I was interested in this one which I believe it’s actually cream for the body, my local LV didn’t have it in that colour but they did have the black and the navy with red which is nice but then I was like like it, not 100% sure it’s really me. I’ve added some pictures for reference of it on me (I apologies for being a complete scruff) and it against the twist which I wasn’t even looking at again but it’s keeps getting my attention.

    It might be a bag I return to down the line. Definitely if they did it in a real bold, pop of colour. Definitely a very understated bag and functional. I love the fact it’s open inside and there is no middle zipper that splits the inside in two. If I had to be super critical, I love the fact that you can fold the handles in but unlike the twist tote the anchors are on the top of the bag and so are always visible and a nice touch would have been to have these inside so it could be completely flat on top when folded in.

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  3. I have the Rose Silk Quartz and it's a beautiful bag. I wouldn't carry that color as a daily workhorse bag because of the light color. Color transfer will always be a worry. Either the Noir or Marine Rouge would be a great everyday color to choose.
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  4. See it wouldn’t be an every day bag because I tend to switch them depending on what I’m doing/wearing/feeling but I also wear a lot of light denim but colour transfer was a consideration. For me the Marine Rouge and the Noir are just not for me and the store manager would probably put his foot down on that. He knows me so well and was against me getting a black City steamer to the point he wouldn’t order me one when I said that’s what I wanted and only because it was the only colour in the GM. Glad he didn’t because I found the bag I really wanted the a few days later.

    Hoping that in the coming seasons they bring some bright colours into the mix and I’ll look at it again.
  5. Good for your store manager! That's the way all SM's/SA's should be. It's not always true. Sometimes they just want the sale. Good luck!
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