LockMe Bucket or Noe BB

  1. Hi guys,

    I am a newbie here in Louis Vuitton topic. I would love to purchase either the Lockme Bucket or the Noe BB in Monogram. This would be my first LV purchase, so I would like to have everyone’s who owns or has a chance to come across the two bags opinions. What do you think of these two bags? Considering the size, functionality, the leather’s durability and maintenance, etc. Thank you.


  2. Have you tried them on? I really think that’s the only way to tell. For some reason Noe looks terrible on me I tried lockme and it lays flatter and “fit” me better. But everyone is different. Also mono with vachetta more wear issues. I suggest going to store and seeing in person if you can.
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  3. Noé BB would get my vote for its timeless look.
    The leather on the LockMe bucket is gorgeous though.
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  4. I really like the lock me bucket.
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  5. I have the Noe bb in two prints. Needless to say, it is my favorite!
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  6. I haven’t had a chance to try them on in person, since the closest LV store is 3 hours away from where I live. I plan to go the store soon to check them out :smile: And thank you for your advice
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  7. Yes, I do think the Noe BB owns its timeless look, which I tend to with every designer bags that I purchased. But the Lockeme Bucket has the modern vibe that it’s hard to resist! Once again, I think this will be a touch choice