1. I have some extra money and want a new LV. I am eyeing the Lockit, but it seem oddly shaped. Those of you who have it, how do you like it? Pros? cons? :confused1:
  2. I highly suggest it. I would get one, but I already have the regular batignolles which is too much in similarity to the lockit!
  3. Odd shape ? Its the same shape as the alma only bigger or narrower.
    Its a great bag, I love it!!:yahoo: I just got mine last week and not sure why ( other then price) when i didnt get it instead of my mini lin.

    Its a great bag and more then big enjoy for everyday needs. I like it because it fits nicely over my winter jacket, i can put small packets in and still have room. ITs great!
  4. I seriously looked at the reg. mono lockit Sat. I ended up getting the bh instead, but if I didn't have so many handhelds already, I would get the lockit. I love the style of it, just not real hip on the all vachetta bottom. I love all the detail it has compared to my speedy.
  5. I may just get it. Sounds good.
  6. I have the LH and I love it. It's roomy, but still looks great. It's comfortable on my shoulder, but I can still use it as a handheld. The vachetta is a bit of a pain, but I'm not crazy careful with it and it's still looks perfect.

    I highly recommend it.
  7. I love the shape. You should get it!
  8. It is a nice shape, not odd at all. I think it'll be lovely in Suhali White.
  9. I have the regular Lockit and I LOVE it. I only just started carrying it after selling every other bag I owned (all my Balenciagas). I truly adore this bag. I am thinking of getting the bigger one also...
  10. I just thought it was odd how it starts out wide and tapers.
  11. I have to say it didn't appeal to me at first and I was wondering why everyone was raving about it, but when I saw it irl, :love:
  12. I like the lockit.
  13. I like it, too, but didn't use to. Have you seen the pics in the clubhouse? Those were the ones that made me change my mind.
  14. I really wanna get the Lockit in Suhali White :love: I just need to save up after my splurge on all of my Miroir bags!
  15. I just bought the black Suhali Lockit GM (biggest size before becoming luggage) on Sat at LV SCP and I cannot wait for it to arrive this week since they had to special order.

    I say go for it. The shape is great and with Suhali, you can't go wrong with the esquisite goat leather!