Lockit vs alma vs Papillon 30

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lockit vs alma vs papillon 30

  1. mono lockit

  2. mono alma

  3. mono papillon 30

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  1. i want a monogram purse for christmas. my 1st one and only LV-a papillon 30 got stolen so im thinking of replacing it. m leaning towards lockit but my 1st lv love is still the papillon. alma looks sophisticated and bigger than lockit. but im looking for a purse i can use day or night. thanks!
  2. My counsel is: go for the papillon; I thought on it, these are my conclusions:

    1. this was your choice of 1st and unique bag
    2. it has also a pochette included
    3. it can be worn on the shoulder or on the arm: it is sporty but also chic: very feminine
    4. alma looks too classic
    5. I don't see lockit as a first bag

  3. I chose the Papillon 30 too. It is your first love and you should definitely get another one.
    I really like the alma and lockit, but I think I prefer them in the epi style.
  4. I am on the same boat as you are.
    Althought, I prefer damier lockit.
    Does anyone know is it come in damier canavas at all?
    Thank you
  5. if you really loved the papillon, then get another!

    ^bl2k4, no damier lockits. that would be hott, though!
  6. I voted for the lockit it's on my wishlist. I prefer the alma and papillion in damier
  7. I vote for the lockit as I prefer the alma in epi leather.
  8. I voted for the Alma. I have the damier papillon and it was my first LV but it's kind of small and awkward IMO.
  9. I voted for the lockit. It's a new and updated style.
  10. I believe the lockit is only in mono.

    I think the Alma is a great choice - can go from day to night, carries quite a bit.
  11. Alma is definitely the pick of the bunch!! I love the way it looks!!
  12. I voted for the alma ... timeless and classy. I prefer the papillon in damier and the lockit in either epi or suhali.
  13. You need a different bag, because if you get Papillon again, it will always remind you of your loss & things you could have done with that money. However, if you get a new bag & fall in love with it, you may often wonder (in the positive way) wether or not you would have gotten it, if your Pap. hasn't been stolen. U see where I am going w/ this?...BTW, I voted for Alma.
  14. LOCKIT all the way. One of my favorite shape bags!! I'd get one myself if I didn't already have 2 similar hand held bags (2 speedy's and a popincourt.) I personally don't care for the alma and the Papillon is alright, but I actually prefer it in damier or vernis.

    Lockit, lockit lockit!!!!

  15. I voted for the alma!!