1. I want to get a new bag and was thinking of the Lockit, the smaller one. ELux lists the size as 11.4" L/11" High/ 4.7" wide which I think is a pretty good size for my needs. Does anyone have this size? How are the handles on this bag? Are they like the Speedy. I like to open my bag and see inside and have it organized.....:jammin: I also love the leather bottom, it just seems more sturdy to me. I had the large Noe bag and it was my favorite bag and the small shoulder bag with the leather bottom-I take care of my bags so the leather getting stained or dirty is never a problem for me.

    Problem is I am kind of tired of carrying my huge bags, my sis is buying my Vavin GM (which I probably used 3 times)so I can buy a new bag now. The Vavin GM was too big for me. Size was 11.6"L/13" High/4" wide. But I don't think I will feel this way about the Lockit because of the handles and zipper top.
    I now am rethinking getting the Azur Speedy because I have a mono 30 and I feel my things just get lost in that bag even with a purseket. I use if for a few days then put it away till I feel I should be using it again.:wtf:

    So if anyone has this bag I would love to know what you think of it.:yahoo:
  2. I love that style, had I not bought my BH I would of bought one of the lockit styles...it is so cute!!!
  3. I don't have the lockit but I played around with it (the small one) in the store and I love it! It looks small, but when you open it up its so roomy, everything from my cabas piano purse fit in there. But it is handheld.
    If you are looking for a roomy shoulder bag, look at the Batignolles Horizontal, great bag and it is so pretty!
  4. I have the LH and i love his bag. it's a shoulder bag but can also be handheld.
  5. It's very cute!
  6. I was thinking about purchasing this bag..but decided on the Multi-Cite' instead...I think its a beautiful bag...and would guess the size to be compared to a Speedy 30.......I was looking at the Lock-it Vertical..its a bit bigger...compared I guess to a Speedy 35 as I tend to lean more towards the bigger sizes...

    I have it on my wish list. If you do get it...please let us know how you like it
  7. hope this helps...
  8. LOOOKIN GOOD BAG FETISH!!! :graucho:
  9. I love the lock it! I'ts a beautiful bag and wouldnt be too big for you,
  10. Bag Fetish - That looks absolutely darling on you!
  11. i've seen a woman carrying at the mall. she was rather petite (maybe 5'2", 100 lbs), and it looked great on her... not too big or too small. it looks like it would fit a lot.
  12. After seeing the beautiful picture bag fetish was kind enough to post I am sold. I will try to order it next week or have my friend pick it up for me. I can't wait. IIt is just perfect and I think I will be very happy with it.
    Thanks everyone for the great opinions on this bag.
  13. Love the locket.
  14. I adore the lockit too --- good choice:love:
  15. That isnt me.. that is another forum member :smile: