Lockit MC

  1. Hi guys :yahoo:

    I am really sorry for my ignorance, but does LV ever release Lockit MC? Or you have to special order it? Lockit MC on MM size will be fab, :tup:
  2. hey- that's a fab idea- but as far as I know- it's only released in the keychain version and VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY limited quantities!
  3. I don't think you can SO MC line except for trunks
  4. OHHHHHH, is that what I saw on one of tpfer avatar? a lockit keychain?

    If it is only for limited quantities, i think i've already missed it, :sad:(...
  5. sorry bad news hehe you can't SO anything in MC
    The only Lockit made in MC was the mini lockit (a bag charm)
  6. Lockit is not aval in multicolor. they will not do it s/o. There is too much involved with it.

    Multicolor isnt something you can s/o .. regardless of when the bag came out.

    Lockit is ony avali in Epi, mono and mirror(sp)
    Although a damier one would be nice :biggrin:
  7. MC lockit would be nice....maybe someday!
  8. My dream lockit is Suhali, don't care which one! Also comes in the Nomade leather. I would like MC lockit, the bag charm is adorable.
  9. achimchilley on eBay is selling that multicolore lockit keycharm!~
    love it, it's very cute