Lockit in Epi Leather --> RED OR CASSIS?

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  1. Hi, your opinions please --

    I am almost decided on getting the Lockit in Epi but am not sure which color is better -- red, or cassis?

    Black is the safest but honestly, I am inclined to go for the red since it's more more neutral than the cassis and may be easier to match in terms of wardrobe. Red also makes a statement. But I also like purple so now I am a bit undecided...help! Which do you think looks better in the lockit epi between the red and cassis? ;):heart:
  2. I feel like red might be a more lasting colour, but as you said, a sharper colour than black !
  3. Red is my favorite, and red epi is just stunning! It is the perfect red and goes with almost everthing.
  4. Red would be beautiful. It really can be a neutral accent when you think of how well red goes with black, white, grey, camel, yellow, blue.........:smile:
  5. i say red! i just love red epi!
  6. I love red but I have to vote for CASSIS here, it's more subtle and classy.
  7. RED !!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. Red :tup:
  9. RED, love the epi lockit!!
  10. i'm going to have to say cassis!
  11. RED!!! I love red bags, its a great way to get a pop of color. And the red epi is just so beautiful!!
  12. I have a Red EPI Alma, and its great for going with most things, so l say Red now, and cassis later....x
  13. RED FOR SURE. o
  14. It has to be cassis! It's such a fabulous color!
  15. Well I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm a sucker for red epi, so I'd recommend that. However, I love the look of cassis, so if I were in your shoes I'm not sure what I'd pick either. Red Epi gives off a very powerful vibe and it is gorgeous (I've never seen the epi lockit in real-life, but I can imagine it's stunning), however I'm worried about you might getting tired of it eventually. I love my red epi pieces, but sometimes it can just get "too much" KWIM?

    Good luck deciding and I hope you post pics when you get it :tup: