Lockit Horizontal

  1. Loveit or not???

    I wanted to buy it for a school/work use - it's aa good size to fit my laptop, agenda, wallet, make-up case, cellphone, etc...

  2. I saw it IRL and wasn't impressed. I guess I am not used to seeing so much vachetta around the zipper, etc. Maybe it will look better (to me) with some patina.
  3. It is not a structured bag. The canvas is really soft. My SA said it was more a bag for travel than work. I waited for weeks to see it but ended buying BH instead.

    I like the smallest size more.
  4. It looks a little bulky to me? How about the Luco - it's more structured and a very classic shape.
  5. IMO, it looks too much like the Alma. I prefer the Vertical.
  6. I was all set to get it and saw it in person :sad: The top angle of the bag makes in difficult IMO to open the zipper. The enormous amount of vachetta on the bottom really put me off as well. Had they slapped a few feet on it.....
  7. I saw this in person and thought it was really pretty. It's *huge*, but for work it might be the perfect size.
  8. Thanks hippiechic, I like it too, but people on the forum seem to dislike the shape.
    I don't know what to do!!!!!
  9. I think if you like, you should get it!:yes:
  10. I think it will look good with age!
  11. I LOVE IT! GET IT!! :biggrin: I was drooling over it at LV today ... I wish I had the money. I so wanted to get it for a work bag. I like it best out of all three. But I remember people here saying they didn't like it too ... but I LOVE it (and I don't like the alma ... go figure!).
  12. If YOU like it, that's what matters! You're the one who will be carrying it every day.

    You might try visiting one at the store and loading it up with your stuff, just to see how everything fits, and how it feels in your hand. That's been a good reality check for me, and the SAs don't mind.
  13. You guys are THE BEST!
    Thanks for the advice - I think I will purchase on Friday, I need to sleep on it for a couple more nights... If I buy, I will post pics!!
  14. i don't really like the design of the lockit..somehow the curved shape doesn't really interest me..seems more old fashioned...plus with that price you might be better off with a BH or a cabas piano?

    my 0.02..i just didn't like it when i saw the lockits on display..just felt a bit weird..:upsidedown:

    but then again if u like it, GO FOR IT! nothing beats your own satisfaction with ur bag!!! :supacool:
  15. It is beautiful in real life, reallly big.