Lockit Horizontal

  1. I have just purchased a Lockit Horizontal to use for work / travelling / and everyday - haven't used it yet and am already worried about the leather bottom - I am thinking of exchanging it for a Batignolles Horizontal, but I really wanted a zip - also like the rolled handles on the Lockit? Any thoughts.
  2. I think you should go the LV boutique and compare the two... if you lean towards the BH, then I'd go for that.

    If you want to keep your Lockit Horizontal, perhaps try applying Apple Guard or Shining Monkey Leather Protector to the leather to prevent from any stains or dirt?
  3. Thanks John

    I tried both at the shop, and really liked the Lockit, but like I said - I'm worried about the bottom.
  4. I love a lovely patinaed bottom.. and no, I don't have some nudist old person fetish!! :graucho: :push:

    I think that if as John said you apply protectant and just be mindful you'll be fine without having to be precious and constantly worrying over it. It's on my wishlist as a work/laptop bag, and I'm not precious with my bags at all! I have better things to worry about, but I'm not going to drop it in puddles, nor do I kick my bags across the floor and I doubt you'd do neither to yours, so what's to get in the way of you enjoying a beautiful bag you picked out specially?
  5. Thanks Frankie

    I'm in Australia, and I asked LV sales person should I protect the leather and she said no - I'm not sure if we have those products available here, would be hesitant to use something on it when they said not to - what do you think?
  6. You can get something called Apple leather conditioner here that the Voguettes rave over. Mimco also make a leather conditioner, someone somewhere's bound to have tried it on vachetta.

    I'm taking my new Congo PM to the Brissy store in a couple of weeks and will ask about cream for the vachetta whilst there, so I'll let you know what they say. They might have a different opinion. You could always try something just on the inside LV tag. If you can get to the inside leather pieces where the handles attach to on the Lockit (like on the inside of Speedy), maybe try some there also?
  7. Thanks Frankie
    That is very useful info, much appreciated.
  8. I just bought an LV Lockit Horizontal too, and i sprayed all the vachetta part with leather protectant called Water Stopped. Works like miracle !! I even pat some water to test it, no marks at all !! :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Sorry its Waterstop made by Colonil :smile:
  10. :wtf:
  11. I LOVE the Lockit Horizontal! Keep it!
  12. I think it's a very pretty bag and I would keep it.
    Sometimes I think we can over-baby vachetta; just use your bag and it will patina over time! Enjoy it!
  13. Keep it! Just apply appleguard or Wilson's and you'll be fine.
  14. ^ I have one too. I haven't used it yet but I when i received it I immediately sprayed Appleguard on the vachetta...just in case.

    Keep it and enjoy it...no worries.
  15. the lockit horizontal is in my wish list, I have a question, can you wear it on your shoulder comfortably? I asked a customer service live chat on eluxury and she said that they're meant to be hand held, but the handles look long enough to wear over the shoulder. What do you think?