Lockit Horizontal - Work bag?

  1. I know this topic has probably come up tons but I'm looking for a work bag. I just got a job in manhattan and i'm looking for a bag that will carry my work stuff and everything else I need for my day. I was thinking Lockit Horizontal because it's big and cute! For people who have this bag, do you think this makes a good work tote? I've also been considering a Saleya (not sure which color). The only LV pieces I have are the Manhattan GM and the porte tressor international wallet. Also want to get a cles to hold my subway pass and other small necessities...which should i get to match??
  2. I think the Lockit H and the Saleya MM are good choices. Or even the Neverfull MM/GM, except that it doesn't zip up like the others and might be an issue for you since you take the subway. Another nice bag is the Passy GM! Let us know what you get!
  3. THe LH is a great bag, it holds a TON of stuff.
  4. I think the LH is a grea work bag. It is the perfect size for documents and a laptop but doesn't look too bulky.
  5. It would be a perfect bag, it fits nicely over your shoulder and holds a lot.
    Great choice!
  6. I loved the LH and was thinking of it as a work bag but the vachetta bottom scared me since I just set it down on the floor by my desk. So I have a neverfull.
  7. I really like the LH too...but totally agree about the vachetta bottom. Have you thought about the BH? I'm considering a Saleya as well..but it might only fit your everday items, might not fit your work items though.
  8. I love the look of the LH, but I have yet to go to the store and try it on. Seems like a great work bag.
  9. I think the LH would make a great work bag. Very cute and functional.
  10. It's a very large bag, so you can carry lots of stuff in it! I think it would be great!
  11. the LH is a good choice for work, but i prefer the look of saleya ;p
  12. i think it would make a great work bag.
  13. LH is a beautiful bag. it would make a great work bag IMO. congrats on your new job BTW!!!
  14. Yup, I wouldn't hesitate to use this as a work bag.
  15. The LH makes a great work bag--not too big, not too small and stylish at the same time. I really like the shape of it too because it doesn't look like your typical briefcase or tote. I haven't had to worry about the vachetta bottom on mine because I don't usually put it on the floor. It's either sitting on my shoulder or crook of my arm, resting on my lap, or in my drawer at work. I'd say go for it!!