lockit horizontal vs. saleya mm


saleya mm vs. lockit horizontal

  1. saleya mm

  2. lockit horizontal

  3. neither

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  1. i was quite content w/ my saleya mm until i saw the lockit horizontal pictures. i actually like the shape of the lockit better, and i've always liked the lockit but didn't realize the horizontal goes over the shoulder so well.
    so for the price of $1040 for the saleya mm vs. 965 for the lockit horizontal. which one is a better everyday work bag?

    by the way, i really don't like the mono canvas very much, it's really the shape and the style of the lockit that's winning me over.
  2. Honestly I'd go with the Saleya. I'm sorry but I just don't care for the Lockit shape...
  3. I prefer the Saleya
  4. I think the lockit horizontal is a good choice for an every day bag.
  5. saleya mm
  6. SALEYA! I think the Lockit is funny looking...
  7. looks like saleya is the clear winner so far...i was actually surprised to find out that the lockit is cheaper than the saleya, i expected lockit to be a more expensive bag, oh well. i think i will go into the boutique tomorrow to try on the lock it, i suspect i will end up leaning towards the saleya, just becuase i'm not all that warm fuzzy about the mono canvas.