Lockit Horizontal Owners...

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  1. What is the strap drop length on this bag and are the rolled handles comfortable to wear? I'm unable to see/try it on IRL where I live.

  2. This bag was made to be carried on the shoulder. I love it because it's like a big alma, only softer, and the drop can vary between 7-9 inches, depending on whether you totally zip the bag (full) or leave it semi-open (like i do). You will LOVE it......!!!!!!
  3. Travelbliss - thanks for responding. It's always difficult to gauge a bag when you can't see it IRL....so any shared opinions are a big help.
  4. I love this bag, and it's super comfy to wear! My only prob is that one of the handles always slips off my shoulder when I wear it! :sad:
    Frustrating, but the fabulousness of this bag is worth the small annoyance! :P
  5. My sister recently bought one and she loves it! The rolled handles are very supple, even new, so it isn't uncomfortable (I've taken it around the house a time or two ;)).