Lockit horizontal owners

  1. I'm considering this, especially after seeing Colleen wearing it in the Hawaii pics.

    What do you love and/or not love about this bag?
  2. ^Bump...also curious about this bag..
  3. I am also considering this bag and would like to know
  4. same here thinking of of getting, just unsure.
  5. Love the horizontal shape and you can really stuff a lot of things inside and it wouldn't even look bulky.

    The cons would be:-
    There's cowhide leather underneath just like the Alma and it gets dirty within weeks!!! *argghh*

    Other than that:- It's gorgeous:smile:
  6. After seeing Colleen in person at the Hawaii meet, I want one too. It is a beautiful bag and she wore it really, really well. AKI and I were discussing whether it could fit a laptop (maybe a small one). She had it on her shoulder and it looked like there was a lot of space. I can't tell you enough how nice it was in person.
  7. I saw someone carrying this bag when I was in Vegas and I was totally surprised at how beautiful it was. It really is eye-catching.
  8. Been using mine straight since i got it over a month ago and its fine.. No issues with the bottom getting dirty. If you're careful with where you put it its not a problem. In fact i've had the bag out tanning trying to darken it up :smile:

    Its holds a ton, great for shopping :smile:
  9. I love love love love :heart: mine sooo much and I have used it non stop since december. I can get all my stuff in it and all my other LV's have not been used since my new love came along. I posted pick of what I carry in it on 'what's in your bag.'
  10. I love my LH! It is very roomy... definitely roomy enough for a laptop (waves to Riley!!) This bag has a lot of structure, so you can fill it up without it looking bulky, or you can leave it mostly empty without it looking sloppy.

    I gave the vachetta a quick spray with a leather protector when it was new and it hasn't given me any problems. I don't set it down on the ground, but I don't go crazy trying to keep it clean. The patina is very even and there aren't any obvious spots or stains.

    If you're on the edge, I definitely recommend the bag!
  11. ^^ colleen, if you put a laptop does it hurt on your shoulders because of the rolled handles?? I can't wait to get mine in Sept!!
  12. ^Jill.... I haven't actually put in a laptop. If your laptop was very heavy, the rolled handles might be a little uncomfortable. So far when I've had my LH completely full, the handles don't make my shoulders sore.
  13. You are all enablers! I broke down and bought it last night--I needed something bigger as I'm back and forth between two offices and need something that could just carry my normal purse stuff, but could also hold some work stuff (including a laptop) if need be.
    It came with me to work today, filled with my usual stuff, plus my work planner, breakfast and lunch.
    Colleen & Riley-- if you see a tourist in Hawaii in early May with the LH, that will be me!
    I think that it will work well as an every day, but also as a bag that I can stuff full and travel with!
  14. I'm glad you finally decided on it - I've been thinking about this bag for a while too.. :graucho:
  15. Show us some pics!! :nuts: