Lockit Horizontal - out of stock in the entire company!?

  1. I was at LV today and they told me the Lockit Horizontal is out of stock everywhere. They put me on a wait list. Does anyone know how long it generally takes LV to get items back in stock?

  2. Call the 866 vuitton number and see if some store has one, also call Macy's. Saks, NM, Bloomies (they are not attached to 866 system( as prices increase on Wed.
  3. My SA told me the exact same thing yesterday as well that the Lockit Horizontal was out of stock!!!!! I wanted to buy it before the price hike this Wednesday. She said that they hadn't received a shipment for the LH in months!!! I don't want to call around to other stores - she had checked all of the LV stores that I could visit within an hour's driving time and none of them had the LH. Oh well.....
  4. wow, really? that's crazy!
  5. I bought mine this past August, and noticed that it was no longer on Elux....I thought it was maybe disc. already! So it's out of stock, huh? I love mine, so I can understand why!