Lockit Horizontal or Vertical?


Horizontal or Vertical

  1. Horizontal

  2. Vertical

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am getting one but I can't decide. I have an Alma so I was thinking maybe the Vertical would be a different look...
  2. Horizontal
  3. I voted for the horizontal since I love my Batignolles Horizontal so much.
  4. i would go for the horizontal. but i think the shape of the lockits are sooo unique, that i think i'll look weird on them.
  5. Saw them IRL, i thought the horizontal looked waaaaay cuter.
  6. :yahoo:Horizontal!!:yahoo:
  7. I love the horizontal.
  8. BH baby!:cutesy:
  9. I saw these yesterday at the mall and fell in LOVE with the horizontal! :love:
  10. Horizontal! It looks better IMO
  11. I prefer the shape of the vertical as I am tall but depends what suits you:heart:
  12. Go for the Horizontal :yes:
  13. I'm bringing this thread back from the dead to see what other opinons are

    I like shoulder bags but the horizonal looks so long. I'm curious if anyone has feedback about the vertical. Is it too deep?
  14. I would get the BH. :biggrin:
  15. The horizontal looks great on, I like it better.
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