Lockit Horizontal or Vertical - which to get??

  1. I really like the Horizontal and I am such a "tote gal" but someone here recently said the Horizontal is SO HORIZONTAL and she got me thinking.....should I get the Vertical?? Can you wear the Vertical over your shoulder like you can with the Horizontal? Would my items all retreat the bottom of the Vertical, never to be seen or heard from again??
  2. I was looking at the lockits in the boutiques yesterday and I think vertical is more flattering. I didn't like the way the horizonatal looked. It was very horizontal/wide and sort of looked funny to me. The vertical is a little longer but I don't think they intended for us to put things in all the way to the top. If I leave my stuff in a cosmetics case, phone in the phone slot, cles in the other pocket, the only stuff migrating to the bottom would be my music player, wallet and keys. Not too different from my other bags.
  3. Can the Vertical be carried on the shoulder?
  4. I didn't try since I had my coat on but I don't think you can. The handles are shorter. It fit on the crook of my arm. Hope that helps.
  5. Vertical
  6. Horizontal.
  7. Vertical :smile:
  8. Horizontal
  9. I much prefer the shilouette of the Vertical- much more elegant and more in keeping with the original lockit design.

    The Vertical is a strictly handheld bag.
  10. Even though I have a horizontal I prefer the look of the vertical. I find that the horizontal is a bit too wide for my taste but it did make a reasonable notebook PC tote.
  11. i think the horazontal is heeps better and its just as big as the vertical if not bigger and u dnt have to reach ur hand down as deep to find somthing and i think it just looks one million times nicer
  12. actually i love the look of the 'normal' lockit the best. but, i think if i were to choose between the lh and lv, i would choose the lh cuz you can carry it on your shoulder.
  13. Lh
  14. Horizontal is big and it looks more like a gym bag to me. I love the size of the regular lock-it and almost got one in the Mono last year, but the vachetta bothered me so I didn't end up getting one. I'm glad I didn't becuase it come out in the Epi last Summer and it's simply stunning.

    I suggest you check out the one in Epi, the Black and Ivorie are stunning!!! I think you should consider branching out from Mono and get something from another line. Good luck.
  15. I am 5´3" and I use my LVert. on my shoulder. I use pouches so my stuff can always be found. It is perfect.