Lockit Horizontal or Tivoli mm? ur opinion pls...

  1. ok think these r soooo close in look- i know they r different- but if anyone has both- can u take a side by side pic? and anyone who wants to share their opinion- pls do!!!

    i'll start--- both open on top and r structured to stand up. i like this option. i hate slouchy bags that fall over. cute as they may be- my stuff always falls out! vachetta on the LH is a NOT- as i have a mezzo and i love the bag-but not the stains.... but! the handles on the tivoi mm and gm - albeit adjutable, r they comfortable????- or do the straps flare out and get in the way? the LH r not adjustable and stay put! very pretty! and the pleats on the tivoli sometimes look funny.... kinda like the palermo which i dont like at all..... which is really close to the mezzo....

    soooo- tellme ur thoughts - or share ur eperience with the LH or tivoli please.... i would truly appreciate it! thx i advance.:love:
  2. I have the LH and it is very pretty, handles do not like to stay on the shoulder so I find more of a handbag. Tivoli comes in the PM which is a handbag and the GM which has the adjustable handles and came be used as a shoulder bag.
    On waitlist for the GM Tivoli
  3. i have the Tivoli GM and I love it!! plus not many people have this since its quite hard to get.

    great bag!:smile:
  4. I have Tivoli GM. There is no MM size by the way.
    However, I like the Lockit mono (the smaller size) than the LH. But Tivoli is GREAT bag and it's hard to get these days.
  5. ^^^ thanks ladies---- i didnt know there was no mm! thx again. yes they r not redadily availble. classic lv! hmmmmm.. is it a ploy?................
  6. Both are permanent bags (at least I believe the Tivoli is). I would wait until you can see them both IRL before you decide.
  7. I have the tivoli GM and love it, holds its shape nicely and you can put lots of stuff in it.:tup:
  8. I love both bags! Lockit Horizontal has more vachetta so that is something to consider. They are actually very similarly shaped, but LH is cheaper.
  9. I like the Tivoli's design a lot more than the Lockit Horizontal's... :s
  10. I prefer the Tivoli Gm. i just think it's a nicer looking bag with the pleat in the front. i also like the fact it has the brass feet on the bottom instead of vachetta like on the lockit
  11. I think for the price the LH is too plain. Almost blob like.
  12. any pics of the two togther? i might be asking too much... thx for the comments.. until lv can acutally supply the demand- its so hard to see them side by side...
  13. I adore my Tivoli as I just told you LOL...The straps stay on my shoulder no problem. They were falling off a bit in the store but once I got the bag home and loaded it with all my stuff the weight of that helps so it doesnt fall off at all!!. And the straps dont flare and my bag is brand new.

    I LOVE this bag so much because of its roomy inside, the 2 pockets and cell pocket inside, and I love the pleats. I always wanted the Stephen so I feel this is my replacement. (Plus the Stephen was more of a travel bag than a purse so the Tivoli is better yet). Also the opening on the Tivoli is wonderful in that the bag opens real wide so you can see all your stuff. I wonder if the Lockit is so tall you have to be digging around for your stuff.

    I havent played with the Lockit but looking at pics I doubt it would stay on your shoulder like the Tivoli. So if it doesnt do you want to carry that big bag as a handbag? It would be to big for me.

    Get the Tivoli!!!
  14. Me to! :yes:
  15. I'll be the odddball. I like the LH way more than the Trivoli. It just looks so trendy, and odd to me. I also don't like the handles, with the extra wholes on them. I bought the LH not too long ago, and I love it.