Lockit Horizontal or Tivoi Gm..

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  1. Which do you think will be more timeless and a long term investment? What are your thoughts on these two bags....
  2. I love the lockit. Very timeless brought back from the 50's. I have been out of it, so not too sure about the Tivoli, haven't researched, but saw a pic of a p'fer's damier the other day and it was truly gorgeous! I'm always a little concerned of the red lining bleeding on my azur or perle vernis pieces inside, have learned to be careful of this with my MC white noe. Hi Pug! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Are ya gonna buy another bag???:heart::yes::confused1:
  3. ^ Tivoli doesn't come in Damier yet. Anyway, I love both of the bags you mentioned, but I think in the end I would go with the LH.
  4. I choose the lockit.
  5. I have the LH and I love it.
  6. I would choose the Lockit.. But I'm biased, since I have it (the regular one, btw) :p
    Anyway, it's a classy bag that will NEVER go out of style.
  7. I would say the LH too ... I don't like the handles on the tivoli GM I love the PM though (but I think it's because it looks like a mini LH!!)
  8. I like the lockit in mono. But I am getting Tivoli gm
  9. Lockit H seems more like a luggage, while tivoli GM appears more 'purse' like, IMO. I personally like the pleating on the tivoli, and prefer Lockit in Suhali line...:shame:
  10. tivoli! i think it is classier and more timeless than the lockit
  11. Lh!
  12. thanks I own the LH and really like the tivoli gm but, think it is too similar and cannot justify getting it unless I sell my LH....everyone really likes the LH more tress cool...

    Hey Vee....the tivoli in daimer would be hot..love the trevi but, the red lining bleeding would be an issue with your perle...and the price tag ouch...I am always lusting after a new bag but, the budget isn't so good right now and I have ample bags...house poor bag rich...great bags but, then no moula for anything else...need some balance here!! How about you? I never use most of my bags either I need help...lol
  13. I prefer the Tivoli gm, but i do like the lockit regular
  14. ~Not sure if it will be a long term investment-but I sure would like to get Tivoli GM:heart:I really love the pleats~
  15. Lockit Horizontal gets my vote!