lockit horizontal or fuschia perfo speedy 30?

  1. i'm petite 5'1" and understanding that i'm not supposed to carry anything bigger than a shoebox.... :rolleyes: which should i get?

    the fuschia perfo speedy or the lockit horizontal... let me know what you think and why. thanks! :smile:
  2. fuschia perfo speedy
  3. If you can get a perforated speedy then do, I like the LH too! I am only an inch taller then you and I have a ton of large bags!
  4. perfo speedy
  5. I think that the Perfo Speedy will suit you best. ;)
  6. Lockit!:tup: You'll love it!
  7. I have to agrre with irene and go with the Lockit. I think it is a more versatile bag the you will get more use out of. The perfo line is just too trendy for my taste.
  8. i like the pink part of the perfo speedy but it's huge... and i like the classiness of the LH, but that's huge too... so i'm still debating... :smile:
  9. There are great action shots of petit PF memers with their LHs in the reference thread. They look great with theirs. The bag doesn't seem to overpower their petit frame (I think because it's not wide).
  10. How about a regular speedy 25 or 30?
  11. I would get a regular lockit, I like the shape better than the horizontal
  12. somehow, i am not crazy about those... i just like the pink in the perfo speedy. :smile:
  13. I'm only 5'3" and HL doesn't overwhelm me. It looks much better IRL in my opinion, and it just looks so classic and ladylike.
  14. I like the perfo speedy!
  15. Lockit!