Lockit Horizontal or Batignolles Horizontal?

  1. I need a bag for my papers and laptop, and now I wonder which one to choose.

    BH: i think it is prettier, but it has no zipper...

    I don´t know what to do, and I´m buying the bag this weekend.

    Help me :smile:

    :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Check this out,
    www. vuitton. com and for instance france and the price of bh..
    isn´t the bag cheaper than before??
  3. Lockit would be great for your needs! I just sold the one I had but that's exactly what I used mine for: papers and laptop.
  4. I do not think the Batignolles is sturdy enough or stiff enough

    I was at the LV store yesterday ironically picking up the Lock-It horizontal to use as an everyday bag.

    I think that this would be the best for you.
  5. I would go for the LH as well!
  6. But i´m afraid that the bottom of lockit will go dirty.. and the handles..are they confortable on your shoulder?
  7. I have to agree the lockit if you're going to put a laptop in it. Unless you want to renforce the bottom of your BH.
  8. I don´t have to carry the laptop every day..
    i just think that it would be better if the laptop fitted in also..
  9. Why did you sell yours if I may ask???
  10. If you love the bag with zipper, go for Lockit!
    I think LH is matched with your objectives.
  11. I tried the lock it on when I was in the boutique and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to get it for my last semester in univ. It'd be great for everyday bag like everyone has said!
  12. I say LH!
  13. I decided to get rid of all my mono bags. I may replace it with the suhali lockit in the future.
  14. I would do the lh!!!!
  15. i decided to gat bh, and my friend just bought it to me and now i´m waiting it to arrive ;)