Lockit Horizontal or Batignolles Horizontal???

  1. Help!!! So, I was all set to get the BH and then started liking the lockit horizontal. Now, I can't decide! All feedback and any modeling pics appreciated! TIA
  2. hmmm, I'd get the Lockit, but then I'm an absolute fan of handheld bags

    what do you already have?
  3. I actually have mostly Gucci (all hobo or tote) and only one LV- a Mono Speedy 35.
  4. LH as it is not as common as the BH. BH does have different straps. The handles on the LH look similar to the handles on the Speedy. All depends on the look that you are going for.

    BH is chepaer. If you do get the BH, use the left over cash for a Vernis Cles.
  5. I like the LH but really you have to go to the boutique and try them on and see which one suits you best!:smile:
  6. I like the BH !