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  1. Hi can anyone one help me? Really liking the Lockit Horizontal but it seems quite big...I am 5' 3" so a little worried that it may look too big. Having said this i carry lots of stuff. Does anyone have one of these beauties and can offer any words of advice... or even better some pictures? :yahoo:
  2. I am 5'5" and tried on the big horizontal -- loved it. It didn't seem too big at all. I am a big bag lover though.
  3. I don't have one but I don't think you're too short. Can you try it out at the boutique? That's the best way I reckon.:yes:
  4. I like the look of the vertical one..the horizontal one is quite large.
  5. I tried the horizontal one at the store and didn't think it looked right on me proportion-wise (I am 5'8"). I think it's one of those bags that you'll have to try on and get a feel for yourself.
  6. My Mom was in love with this bag, but when she saw it in person thought it was way too big. She's 5'4".
  7. I'm a fan of big bags.Infact i think the horizontal one looks better than the vertical, it looks sharper. Hmm...i suggest u go to the boutique to try it out and see how it looks on you.
  8. same here, i love the horizontal lockit over the others, and it looks really nice. i am 5'5 and tried the bag, it looked great, not overly big at all.
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