Lockit Horizontal.......Is this really a Shoulder Bag?

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  1. I love the look of the LH. And it seems like it's really easy to get into. I've done a search to see if I could find any modeling pics, but the only pics I've seen show the handles down. How comfortable is this on your shoulder? Does it even FIT on your shoulder? Easily? I have a Saleya PM and it BARELY fits on my shoulder. Bag Fetish, I've seen pics of your LH - gorgeous! And I can't believe you fit a laptop in there!!! The shoulder thing could be a deal breaker............ Sorry in advance if this has been covered, but I've been scouring this forum all night! :smile:
  2. Thanks, Sophia618!!!!!!!!! Duh, I didn't think to look there, I looked through all the pages of Your LV in Action! It was great reading!! I'm on my way to the Lockit CLub...............
  3. pretty ~
  4. Thanks, I looked through all the pics there. I noticed one of LV Pug's LH next to a Speedy........ I think it was a Speedy 30?? If so, that LH is HUUUUGE!!!:wtf: Wow, I didn't think it was THAT big!!! I thought my BH was huge :smile:

    Are the straps on the Suhali Lockit a different length than the LH? Or maybe the Suhali isn't the same size as the LH? Maybe it's the same as the regular Lockit? <confused>:shrugs:
  5. The LH can be put onto your shoulder. A girl in my lecture has one and it's gorgeous! Hope you post pics once you get it :nuts:
  6. It does look like a huge bag, but I think that it just depends on what you like, or what your going to use it for. I love it!