Lockit Horizontal...do you know if i can carry this as

  1. shoulder bag? :confused1:
  2. yes :smile:
  3. thanks. i'm waiting on my delivery...in the meantime wondering if i will love it more than my mezzo...
  4. yep the straps are long enough! I've seen a few people wearing it in the shoulder
  5. It is a shoulder bag, that's what I would have used it as anyway :yes:
  6. Fo Sho :graucho:
  7. my friend has it, and it fits just right on her shoulder
  8. I tried it on in the LV Boutique once and it fit on my shoulder. :yes:
  9. Shoulder or hand held
  10. i did not know that it was shoulder, is there another strap?
  11. Yep, the handles are definitely long enough...this is the only one that can be put on the shoulder though..the regular Lockit and the Lockit Vertical aren't shoulder bags.
  12. :yes: can use it as a shoulder bag
  13. I use it mostly as a shoulder bag. It's a little long for a hand held, but it still works that way too.
  14. yes it is a shoulder bag.
  15. Yep :smile: