Lockit H issues ....

  1. Recently indulged into the purchase of a Lockit H, LOVE the bag. Issue i'm getting rub off (color transfer) on the bottom/side of the bag. I know its from my winter coat because its only on one side/corner. I had my vernis cles attached to the handle so i'd wear the bag with it out, so the inside corner is turning dark from where it rubs on my coat. I never noticed this with my piano but then again there was no naked leather along the bottom, only the ends. Also the bag was bought used and have patina already. I never notice this type of thing even on my Mc alma (where it might rub on my jeans while carrying it) Anyone eles notice these issues ?
  2. l so understand your issues as the bottom of my lockit h gets grubby on each corner, then the other week l was reading a news paper with the bag on my lap, to my horror l had got the print all over the handles. The day l purchased the bag l sprayed it with protector so l know this made it better for me to remove the ink with a leather cleaner. I know a lot of members do not like the idea of protecting the leather but on this bag l just do not see any other practical option. I am so glad that l got this bag and like you l love it more than all my others but the leather bottom is a nightmare
  3. Well since i've notice this i sprayed the bag and have it hanging on my cloest door. I'm going to spray it again today and let it dry before using it. I guess she needs to tan up a little :smile: I told my b/f when i went tanning i would take her with me. and he told me i was nuts. Funny how i never noticed this happening with my alma .. Odd. But again I do love this bag and think ones its acquired a nice patina it will be ok :smile:

  4. I hope it works for you and let me know how the tanning helps.....the bag :roflmfao:
  5. keep us updated!!

    when I get my LH it may be the first bag I have to spray.
  6. Well today I tried cleaning it up with Apple guard, then conditioned the leather and let it dry all afternoon. Everything dried nicely :smile: So then this evening I sprayed her down with Wilson spray. I have it over a chair to dry overnight. I'll wipe down the canvas tomorrow and see how she is in the AM...
  7. I'm too scare to use my bag and too scare to spray it with the sm that came by FedEx today.
  8. I sprayed my LH when I first got it! So far no color transfer/water stain!!
  9. I don't have a Lockit H but I noticed this happening with my Pop Haut along the bottom corners. It's a bit irritating to me but I guess not much I can do to prevent it.
  10. good luck bag fetish and keep us updated. hope prtecting it will prevent the color transfer. so upsetting....
  11. i love the lockit bags, but i'm afraid of these issues... please do let us know how it turns out after cleaning it and spraying with leather protector. i also have wilson's spray, but have not used it on any of my new bags yet.
  12. I have noticed it on my BH. I have a tendency to shove it way back on my shoulder and just the corner of the bag is right under my arm. I have noticed that the top of my bag that is under my arm has color transfer from my coat. I used the magic eraser on it, but it has taken off the shine. :sad: I had doused the bag with Shining Monkey when I first got it, and it has protected it from spills and rain, but it looks dirty from the color transfer.
  13. I LOVE the LH so much but that is exactly why I won't buy one or any other bag with vachetta. I don't want to be scared to use my beautiful bag! Hopefully they come out with an LH in Damier or Mini Lin ebene soon!!! :yes:
  14. I'm considering getting a Suhali Lockit PM in White for the above reasons. I was looking at the Monogram Canvas Lockit LH but the Vachetta thing freaked me out, especially since I'm careless about my bags.

    Maybe a leather protector can do the job though? Also, the Winter's soon over so the coat-rub-off issue may only be in the short term! :winkiss:
  15. My mono Alma gets color transfer from my coat/dark jeans on the side that faces me. It came off with baby wipes, and I conditioned the leather after with apple conditioner. I never treated the Alma with applegarde, because I bought it pre-owned, and it had a nice patina already.

    I hung my new Speedy on a hook in a dressing room the other day, and it picked up a black mark on the underside of the handles. I had treated it with applegarde, and I noticed that the black mark came off just from my fingers and arms rubbing the underside of the handles as I held the Speedy.