*lockit* finally on Elux...

  1. anybody getting it?!:graucho: :heart:
  2. I saw them in the store yesterday and wasn't impressed.:sad: Maybe it will grow on me eventually.:yes:
  3. I need to look at it in the store. I don't need it right away.
  4. I am now curious to see it in person....it's kinda not a style I would go for, but I think I like how it opens, don't like the vachetta bottom, but I think I have permanently talked myself out of an Alma so this may be a nice alternative....need to see it in person......I'm gonna be by King of Prussia for work next week so I'll check it out and maybe purchase my vernis agenda I want!
  5. I would except for the vachetta bottom. :Push: I'd be too paranoid I'd get it dirty! :lol:
  6. I saw them in Holts a few weekends ago, I dont mind the pm but then again didnt have a *hands on* so still hard to tell.

    I think it might be a nice alternative to the mono alma.
  7. I like the shape more than that of the Alma but I am a little worried about the vachetta bottom. Does anyone know if it has metal feet at least?
  8. No metal feet on it.:sad:
  9. I think that I will . I like the monogram Lockit vertical. But the I REALLY love the Suhali ones.
  10. While I'm not happy about the vachetta bottom, it's a stunner of a bag in the smaller size, and the price seems--gasp--reasonable for LV.
  11. Am I the only one that thinks this bag is a little boring? It just reminds me of something my grandmom would carry, and this is from someone that is permanently attached at the hip to her mono speedy!
  12. i saw them at the store last week. they were ok..... :yes: very very light weight though! ;)
  13. they seem like a fused alma + batignolles bag..
  14. I'm not really a fan.. it's probably another bag that I will never own !
  15. This shape seems to be big for LV right now - suhali and nomad lines have similar styles! All are gorgeous :tender: