Lockit email from LV

  1. Just got this. Thought I'd share:
  2. Can't really see the pic but thank you for sharing
  3. I got that same email today :smile:
  4. hey I just got that email! You beat me to it, I was going to post it!
  5. really? i can see it on my computer. how weird. sorry!
  6. I just got that email too!
  7. me as well...trying to be mysterious eh? :yes:
  8. was just going to share that as well!
  9. Thanks for sharing!:love:
  10. when i first opened the email I thought the picture was messed up too, but LV is trying to be all mysterious and what not.
  11. the dark photo was vuitton's intention. its not your computers~!
  12. so much for being one of the first! haha. got the same email today. :smile:
  13. I saw the lockit in person -- the small one and I loved it!! It is so cute!!
  14. i got this email today too.
  15. Got the email too. Well, it sure got me interested!!!
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