Lockit Club!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thought that it would be nice to start a Lockit thread. I am awaiting my lockit horizontal and will try to post some pics when I get it. Do not want hubby to say anything but, may just do and suffer the nagging :P to go with it.

    Anyone with lockits please post and tell us what you love :heart: about your lockit....Congrats to all lockit owners :yahoo: it is a great iconic piece that I believe was made in the 60's:confused1: and there is a movie from the 60's with a lockit like piece according to a SA at the 866-vuitton number...I will try to get more info on the lockit and history of it to post on this thread. I love the history of LV items it is so exciting to me for some reason:drool: .

    Welcome to Lockit Thread everyone:flowers: ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can't wait to see lockit pics..someday I will be a member..
  3. Yay!! Here is my lockit!

    The first pic is with a Hermes pocket square on it, and the second is with the key clochette that I bought to go with it...20 bucks!!!

    I love my lockit. It's user friendly, I can get in and out of it easily. Also I love looking at it and seeing the lock hanging on it. I just love it!!!
    DSCN0471.jpg DSCN0480.jpg

  4. Great lockit congrats!!! I cannot wait to get mine. It is an iconic piece so it makes it more special to me and I too love the lockit.

    I just posted after you on another thread in the LV section and mentioned that I love your avatar. I :heart: :heart: :heart: Pugs even more than handbags if that is possible. Pugs are the most adorable loving creatures in the world. My pug is my baby and he is such a sweety:P .
  5. Ditto! :nuts: More pics please!

  6. When I get mine I will try to post...I have to figure it out on my own...hubby posted my collection pics and thinks that is it...is it ever enough...I do not want him to be upset that I have been spending...so far LV Speedy, LV LH(cannot wait for it to arrive), Pouchette Accessoire, Mono CLes(think I should have went with groom maybe??) and the pouchette wallet groom (my fav LV piece to date)....officially on a ban now for a long time...I have enough LV to work with...

    bagsnbags looking at your gorgeous collection I have a feeling that you are going to give into the lockit...remember it is an iconic piece so that sort of makes it special and it looks fabulous on...so glad that I decided to get it instead of the BH...I love the shape and the little lock...will have to be careful with the vachette in the beginning...go for it...join the club!!!!
  7. :graucho: My new Lockit Horizontal!!!:wlae:
    PICT4526.jpg Clipboard01Lockit.jpg

  8. Thank you! My Milo is my little sweety!! He is 1yr. and 2 months and very protective of me. He is like one of my family now, I love him so much!!
  9. Milo is the cutest name for a pug!!!:nuts: It sounds so cute and cuddly!!!:tender:
  10. hi everyone,

    i'm a new member and a new lv owner. dh bought me a poppincourt haut for my b-day 3 weeks ago and i already added a monogram zippy wallet, pochette accessories and just yesterday bought the damier speedy 25. my next purchase will be the lockit which i really like so much and the viva-cite gm (my sister bought it today :sad: ).
  11. OMG, I knew it looked so beautiful! I'm definetly getting my Lockit Horizontal on Friday from Elux. I already did the calculations! :graucho: This took me about 3 weeks of saving :wlae: and now finally I'm gonna have it! :drool: Hopefully I'll have it by Monday with Express shipping.:yahoo:

    I'll post pics when it arrives!

  12. Thank you..

    wow..you have been spending on LV a lot..

    I think I have to wait for lockit because I am getting one of my dream bag next week..It's perfect because I have to think which one better horizontal or vertical.
  13. tr4444 & Milo- my baby is 8 months and his name is George...he is the best and sooo loving with his big brown eyes and facial expressions.

    redruby2u- congrat on the PH it is a gorgeous bag...I needed a bigger everyday bag...I wish the made a bigger version of the PH...I should write to them and ask them because I think it would really sell..welcome

    Laker- cannot wait to see your pics and 3 weeks to save is pretty good

    bagsnbags- I have been terrible lately and I am on an official ban quite some time because I have credit cards to pay off now...on a positve note I have some great LV pieces nothing like your collection but, pretty good for a newbie...it is all classic mono and having a Speedy, pouchette and LH gives me the option to carry more or less stuff ...a limited edition piece is nice to
    My purchases were very timeless and practical so I do not feel to guilty but, now I must buckle down and pay the credit card company...having some LV is sooo nice now my collection is mostly Gucci(4gucci bags) and LV(2 bags and 3 accessories) two Prada bags and 1 coach...that is it for bags for a long time at least they are classic...I hate it when I buy a fun bag and then it is out of style like one of my old Juicy Coutures which I gave to a friend...now I am sensible and strategic with investment pieces...your collection is sooo nice and timeless!!!
  14. I'm officially part of the club! :yahoo: I just purchased the Mono Lockit Horizontal off of Elux right now with express shipping. I can't wait to see it IRL! Thank you everyone for all the beautiful pictures!:drool:
  15. Congrats Lakersgyrl2003 you won't be disappointed...the LH is gorgeous and it is my favorite bag right now. Spacious, stylish and light weight. Awesome choice want to hear more about what you think once you get it....:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: