Locking jewelry case?

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  1. I have a large wooden jewelry armoire with no lock. I want some thing a little more secure. A floor safe seems a little impractical because it would need to be huge for all the jewelry. Does anyone have a locking jewelry armoire or case that they like? I started looking at the rolling train cases that people use for makeup but I don't know how well one would work for jewelry.
  2. The Pottery Barn has some locking jewelry boxes that are pretty! Check those out!
  3. What are you wanting this for?

    If you don't mount it to the floor, it's easy enough for a their to just walk off with the whole armoire.

    Unless, of course, the theif you are concerned about is my cousin's wife, who grabbed 11 pieces of jewelry and shoved them in her diaper bag while she "needed privacy to nurse her baby" at which point, I'd like the answer too!
  4. ^^^ Ouch! I agree with VL, unless it's a safe which has a combination lock and mounted onto concrete, what's the point of locking a jewellery box? Locking it is not going to stop a burglar taking it and the locks on those things are so easy to pick, especially by this point they would have got into your house already. I have a lockable jewellery box but I never lock it. No point.
  5. I do occasionally lock my jewelry box...I'm just trying to keep someone, not a determined thief, from an impulsive grab.....like a child, or maybe a unhinged party guest!?
    I agree that any portable locking chest would be an obvious choice to carry off.
  6. I hide my jewelry in several place around the house. I used to have a jewelry box on my dresser until a babysitter grabbed my antique diamond ring from my grandmother. The babysitter's mother found it and returned it. This was 20 years ago. I haven't had it out since. Instead I have had a plant jewelry box full of junk and stuff I no longer wear. A thief would grab that and get nothing. :smile:
  7. Now I understand you might need this for children and help. As I have neither at the moment. Oh and if a burglar has time, they will go through everything in your house. They know where people hide things. L A heavy, solid, preferably mounted safe is the best thing. That’s what we are going to get for our new house.