1. I just wanted to know if anyone has seen the Lockheart bags. I purchased one yesterday at Nordstrom's and they are just gorgeous. The leatherwork is intricate and the styles are just too die for. A little more expensive thatn Isabella Fiore but may be worth it. The saleslady at Nordstrom said that they don't make a lot of each bag and that store only had one in each style they received. Any thoughts on these bags?
  2. I saw them on thepursestore.com and they look beautiful. Do you have any pics? I really like the posey patch demi hobo, so pretty! Also nice to know that there aren't a lot of them made so you can own a unique bag for a decent price.
  3. I know they are made by the original man/woman couple who designed the Original IF bags but somehow (from what I've seen) they aren't as nice as the originals, and as you said more expensive too. I talked to a person who went to one of their shows and she said she wasn't impressed at all.
    But IF bags have went down the tube for me. I got a glance at the new Spring line....alot of that hippee love and peace crap again.
  4. I had to giggle at Nordstrom the other day....they had a sign for these bags inside one of those lucite frames sitting on the shelf. It was spelled "Lockhart" instead of "Lockheart." :nuts: I couldn't help but tell them. :P

  5. they used to spell Isabella Fiore wrong too in the past. The signs used to read Isabella Fiori (spelled with an i at the end instead of an e) at all the stores. The design team are two girls that have been there from the very beginning, plus their creative team.