lockheart question

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  1. I saw a Lockheart bag in a store that was "pre-loved". I forgot the exact name, and have been trying to find a picture of it. It was a light olive green color and the seams of the leather were ruffled. It also had two tassles that were shaped as rose petals.

    The bag was between 350 and 400, and was pre-loved and olive green. I really loved the bag, liked the olive, but not sure what I think of it.

    Do you guys think this is a good price? And does any one have any idea of the name of the bag, I wanted to see a picture, but can't find it anywhere.

    I am now in love with these bags and will be on a quest for more.

  2. Yes, I know about that bag, it is from their Fluff and Fold collection. It is a gorgeous bag made from Lambskin in the most wearable avocado green color. It is lightweight, has a great front pocket and is girly yet still handsome. I paid almost $800 for mine from Nordy's. It is a good price that you are getting if you choose to buy this bag. Have fun, I love mine and get nothing but compliments when I wear it. I love wearing something so cute that isn't on everyone else on the planet!
  3. Yes, now that you mention it, it is sort of an avacacdo color. The bag is not brand new, it was previously owned, but it new condition. So I'm not sure if I should go for it or wait and try to find one on sale in a more "me" color or bite the bullet and spend more for a different one.

    I love the bag, just not too sure about the color. I'm more of a neutral person, although I did buy a silver bag.

    Do ou find it difficult to match the bag with outfits? Is it more of an every once in a while bag because of the color?

    Also, I've been searching for a picture but can't find any. Woudl you happen to have one?

    Thanks so much!
  4. Hi. I am a huge Lockheart fan, here's what I know-

    You can get them on sale at Nordstrom for around the 300-400 range.

    At the Nordstrom RACK, I've seen bags range from 169.97 to 189.97 to 279.97, and finally 299.97.

    I think I saw that bag recently on ebay. I searched the completed listings and couldn't find it. From what I've seen, Lockheart doesn't reissue bags so if you absolutely love it...

    You can also send it back to them for reconditioning for free. They ship it back to you for free too.
  5. There is an avocado green Lockheart on Ebay right now.
  6. Don't be scared of the green. It is really subdued and it's such a great color to wear with everything. You don't even realize it's a color. Black, brown, natural are all nice, but not the stuff of compliments today. Color says it all, and this color is so easy to wear.
  7. I agree! I think the "lockheart" green is a wonderful neutral, almost like a khaki.
  8. Is that Lockheart who will recondition them? I just bought one and I can't seem to find much information on the website about them. There is a registration card inside but there website appears to be very limited. Would love to get some more information abou the brand and company.
  9. Love- yes, email the email address that is listed on www.lockheart.com. They gave me an authorization number and an address where to send the bag, and it was a lockheart address. They even called me to ask me a question about the bag I sent back to them, and it was Lockheart, as it was the number that popped up on my caller ID.

    I know a little bit about the brand. They were started by two of the former designers from Isabella Fiore, as you can see a big resemblance in their styles. They have been around for almost two years.

    Here are some links that give more info about the brand--

  10. The customer service at Lockheart is fantastic. I had a problem with a hangtag and they fixed it free of charge and followed up to make sure I was happy with the repair. It is a pleasure to work with Lockheart.
  11. Hey OneNJen, that was an interesting video. Oh, my those girls look so young to me. If I saw them I would never expect to love their stuff as much as I do.

    I wish I could see more of their wallets; that's not something I ever see locally, just bump into them on line once in a while.
  12. I am interested in the Lockheart label as well and watched the video. The girls do seem young to have such a wide variety of choices and experience in the purse industry. I just love the fact that their pieces are unique. I don't want to meet someone carrying what I'm carrying and it just makes my day to see someone say "Wow, that's a wonderful purse...what kind is it?" I'm just not a signature kind of woman. I love the purse, not the label. I'm surprised too that I would like this type of purse. Thanks for all of the information.
  13. Hey There,

    Im cleaning out my closests and will be selling my Lockheart items (4; 2 bags, 2 wallets) on ebay in the next day or so. Send me a message if you'd like my user name to 'see' whats for sale!

    1 fluff and fold in Avocado (not the kiera, the bigger single strap one)
    1 Camelot wallet in pewter (
    1 wallet in turquoise with flower motif (from their first collection)
    1 Hanging around duffle LG in brown (this one comes with a detachable extra bag) Great for travelling!
  14. I love Lockheart handbags. They are my favorite of all the brands. I have 3 and a wristlet. One is apple green and I get compliments on it. I don't carry it all the time, but when I do it really pops an outfit. I would have every one of the line if I could only afford it. Those of you who live near a Nordstrom rack or Off 5th are lucky. I would be hanging out at those stores all the time in search of a bargain. They do show up on ebay, but still sell fairly high. I think a number of the ebay items are from the above mentioned stores.