Lockheart mischa satchel

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing the new Lockheart mischa satchel in black patent leather, found here: http://lockheart.com/

    What do you think about this bag? Is it worth the $700+ price tag in terms of being in style the next several years and practical enough for daily use?

  2. Wow, I really like it. Kinda different for Lockheart and it doesn't look "If-ish " at all. Thanks for showing it to us. I bet it is pretty heavy though.
  3. Lockheart isn't that big of a name yet so it seems like if you're patient enough you might be able to get it on sale at either Saks or Nordstroms.

    I recently purchased a lockheart at Saks on sale.
    The original price on my bag was 450 & I paid 300. I don't think I would have paid full price for it. You should really check the details to make sure its perfect. My bag has some minor imperfections. The leather on it is perfect but the leather strap that attaches the lockheart tag is missing some of the bonding glue.

    I love how organized the inside of the bag is. There's a strap for keys, 2 cellphone pockets, side zipper pocket, and 2 leather straps that snap together to keep it in shape. Its like they think of everything!

    Lockheart is still so new. I think their quality is improving with each new released line.
  4. I just purchased 2 lockheart bags: Croc Rock and Harness Racing Meg. Harness Racing Meg is very similar to the one you're looking at. It's not heavy at all and it is absolutely fabulous. I LOVE these bags. The quality, leather and detailing are wonderful. Lockheart is made by two designers who left Isabella Fiore. I agree about sales, though; eBay would also be a good option since people aren't copying them yet.
  5. I like the look of it, but I don't think I would pay $700+ for it either. I would wait to see if you could get on it sale, too.
  6. I love Lockheart a lot (sigh). They make really interesting bags with such great details. they are new, but it seems they really know how to make handbags. Whenever I see new designers out there, I always think that they don't know much about making bags.Their quality is great from the get go. I own the Michelle and I adore it. It is my favorite bag.
  7. I that all of their bags have so many pockets inside and out, and often hidden, too. I really want the Kelly bowler...will be waiting for them to go on sale.