Lockheart Handbags

  1. Has anyone bought one of the Lockheart handbags? I really like them and saw them IRL at Nordstrom in Atlanta today. I guess they are made by some of the designers that used to work for Isabelle Fiore. Here's an example of what the bags look like:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Opinions? They are in the $600-$800 range. I know that Blue Bee sells them and they are headquartered out of the LA area.
  2. The Lockheart bags are designed and produced by the former creators, founders and designers of Isabella Fiore. They have left Isabella Fiore over a year ago and have started a new leather goods brand called Lockheart.
  3. Where do they sell them-not many boutiques online carry them aside from Blue Bee and a few at the Purse Store. Do you know of any others? I saw them at Nordstrom-but they do not have them online. Thanks!
  4. They are really new, and they are not easily found out there. I have been trying to find them also. I have seen a few great styles at Kitson in LA and at a boutique called Siany. I also saw them on Daily Candy LA last week. Thanks for telling me about the other sites. I really like their bags a lot.
  5. Saks.com has three styles.

    shopkikionline.com has a bunch more styles too, but Blue Bee seems to have the best variety. Interesting designs.
  6. What may I ask is a pick and choose box?:wtf:
  7. Hi, I have 2 of their bags which I purchased at a local boutique -- a black harness racing meg and a green croc rock. They're very high quality and I like the designs.
  8. I have a Patent Racing Blue Salma and love, love, love it.
  9. I just bought a Lockheart bag at Nordstrom and truthfully, use it more than my Chloe Saskia or Paddington. It's comfortable to carry and beautiful
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    I own six Lockhearts and love them all. They are VHTF on the east coast. My Nordstrom used to have one or two a season but none since last year, just on line. They are very well made and have thoughful, organized interiors.

    Lockheart bags have been around for a couple of years now. I think I bought my first one at Nordstrom Rack in 2006.
  11. It's so hard to find them, yet when I see them I am so drawn. They are just a little bit different than everyone else.
  12. I have a Lockheart and I think it is gorgeous! It's the Rattle n Roll satchel.