Lockheart Handbags?


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Nov 3, 2006
Opinions on this Lockheart Braidy Bunch Lindsay Hobo? I think it's really cute, but what do you think?:idea:
I bought that bag at Nordstrom's last month. It gets so soft and supple when you wear it. The leather is really great. I never worry about anything when I wear it - water, oils, spills, nothing ruins it and it always looks terrific! I have never liked a bag shape more than this. The front pocket is so great to stash your phone in, plus all the pockets inside help me to keep everything organized. I just saw a bag from that collection on Home | Kitson Boutique. I might have to splurge and get that one too.
Truthfully I wasn't knocked out by the Lockheart bags but this one is really cute. I prefered the original IF designs that were less flashy than the current look so I was hoping the Lockhearts would take on the more subtle IF designs since the Lockheart designers were the ones who made them. The tassles and braiding is still there. Is this bag as heavy as some of the original IF bags?

Those cutesy names are just so over the top though...LOL Braidy Bunch Lindsay??? LOL
Lockheart is made by Brighton (Leegin Leather). I saw them during a Brighton factory tour this summer - I was drooling over them. I asked about them, they are not marketed with Brighton at all. I used to work part time in a Brighton collectibles store (that's why I was on the tour). The quality and workmanship that goes into these bags is unbelievable. Not to mention how gorgeous the bags looked even from all the way across the factory!
Are the designers the Original IF designers that left IF to go out on their own? I recall reading articles about them. And the look so unmistakably like IF bags even down to the names.
I never had a Brighton. Alway thought they were very cool looking bags.