Lockheart Fall 2009

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  1. Lockheart has updated their site. Beautiful bags and colors, now just have to decide which ones I want.:biggrin:

  2. Ooh, thanks! I have to check this out ASAP!
  3. ooooh I hadn't seen that yet! The bags look great....I think I want the sky tote.
  4. I'm liking these... Michelle, Vanessa and Sharon.

    What gorgeous shades of green and purple!

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  5. i love their new fall line! I want the michelle desperately. Anyone know what stores have them in stock now??
  6. I love the Vanessa too! in green...
  7. Once again the Lockheart ladies have out done themselves with this line. Each and every bag is so thought out and impeccably designed- it's outstanding.

    My favorite for this season is the Vanessa- I'd take it in any color. In fact, all the colors of the new line are so rich and bold, that I'd wear them with absolutely anything. The same can be said for the Lockhearts that currently reside in my closet. I'm obsessed. I say it over and over. Love love love!!!!
  8. I love lockheart!!! you know if you call that number on their contacts page - they are so super nice they'll help you find whatever bag you want! soooo nice.

    can i just say the one thing i specifically love is the fat that they really take the time to consider what would really work, all the pockets and all - but on top of all that, they've got great taste - Kudo's to you Lockheart Ladies!
  9. I am so excited to see the Fall Line up. I fell in love with Lockheart with the Spring line this year but this confirmed the love affair. They have really out done themselves this time- great job ladies!
  10. Thanks for posting Dom, been waiting to see what they have in store for Fall. Does anyone know if there has been any mention of a Lockheart subforum? I'm a big Lockheart fan, it would be nice to have all the Lockheart stuff in one place. It's a bear to find specific info and pics through search.
  11. Are these the actual names of the bags?? - Cut it Out, Hex and the City, Nip and Tuck, Tipping the Scales, Feeling Loopy, etc.?
  12. I really should have saved more money for all the great fall bags coming out! I have yet to own a Lockheart b/c I can't make up my mind. I think the fall ones will be the time to pick one.
  13. lockheart 101:
    rule #1 - update with each season in colors ever changing
    rule#2 - you do not need a reason to do closet rearranging
    rule # 3- cuz lockheart bags are one of a kind ( and even tend to blow your mind)
    rule #4 - COllect as many as you can....that the lockheart 101 plan!!!!

    thank u to the beautiful works of jen and trang.....from the bottom of my lockheart
  14. The colors and leather soooo beautiful. Lockheart allows this hippie beach girl to discover her style and make it shine.:nuts:
  15. I've not seen these IRL. How is the quality?