Lockheart Coquette or Rafe Cameron Bag!? Cant decide need your help!!

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  1. So I wanted to buy the Rafe New York Cameron bag at Nordys and then this weekend I went to Siamy in Calabasas CA and came across this absolutely luscious Coquette bag from Lockheart! Now I cant decide! I need your help!!

    My reasons why all of a sudden I am for the lockheart bag is that its super soft lambskin and it just feels so good. The hobo shape is so perfect for my lilfestyle and I love that the color is a neutral but a fun one.

    My mother is mainly pushing the Rafe and fyi she is the one paying.

    Ok let me know what you think!


    (Rafe is on the left and Lockheart is on the right)
    Rafe.jpg coquette.jpg
  2. Both are cute but the Lockheart is a bit girlier!
  3. Both are great bags!! Personally I would go with the Lockheart I love the bohemian look of it....good luck with your decision. You have to let us know which you pick ;)
  4. I have the Lockheart in coral and it is a fabulous bag. It holds a ton but never looks bulky. I do like the Rafe but I don't carry frame bags, so that's what would decide for me.
  5. I think both bags look great, but I prefer the Rafe.
  6. I say go with the Lockheart. I have 3 so far (plus a wallet!) and have not been disappointed. I love all the details and extra pockets. Plus I love the color in your pic.
  7. I vote for the Rafe. 'Not a big fan of knotted handles. :smile:
  8. Though the rafe is gorgeous, I'll go for the lockheart too. I"m not a fan of framed bags too - too mumsy and kinda hard to reach for things.
  9. My vote is for the Lockheart. It'll be more functional with its less structured shape and all the pockets will be invaluable. And the colour is fabulous. As you say, neutral but interesting.
  10. I LOVE this bag. I have it in brown, I bought it at Nordstrom's. I wish they would make this again in more colors. It is my favorite bag to carry....gorgeous leather, soft, squishy, but super organized because of the pockets. Whenever I wear it, this may sound crazy, but I hug this bag!
  11. I don't know much about rafe, but I do know that Lockheart makes a great bag. Soft, lots of organization and I love the look of that bag.

    and gratytude, I understand about the huggy thing, I have a few that I love to hug. When my husband is driving and I have my bag on my lap, I find myself petting the leathers or softly squeezing my bags.
  12. loving the lockheart
  13. I like both of them (love lockheart in general), but i feel like i would personally get tired of the lockheart faster than the rafe style-wise. But I agree w/ those above that the lockheart would be an easier bag to carry and throw things in and out of.
  14. I would DEFINITELY go for the Rafe, but that's because it would fit MY style better. Sounds like YOUR style is more Lockheart, so I say go for the Lockheart.

    If she's giving YOU the choice - get the one YOU want. If she'd only been willing to get you the Rafe, she would have just done it and not given you a choice.

    I just bought a bag for my assistant for Christmas that was SO adorable but I gave her the gift receipt and assured her I would not be hurt or offended if she exchanged it and she DID! For something I would never carry in a million years! But I am happy because SHE is in love with the bag.

    I think she will be happier KNOWING you got the one you love.