Lockheart bags - anyone?

  1. I was in Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and they had some Lockheart bags. A couple of them caught my eye. I thought the leather was nice and I liked some of the designs. Has anyone else seen this brand? What do you think? They make a big deal that they are designed by the fmr designer of Isabella Fiore.
  2. I think they're too busy and too heavy for me.
  3. You know, I saw one of these in People, or one of those magazines the other day, they said it was a new celebrity favorite. In the past I haven't been a big fan of their styles but this one I reallyl liked. It was an equestrian inspired satchel, can't remember the name of it, darn!
  4. I saw a cute one at Nordstrom. Even though they are heavy, I may get the one I saw because it's maroon and I'm a Texas Aggie ('02)!!!! Whoooooppp!!
  5. I think they are gorgeous but like misslola said, they are quite heavy.
  6. I actually liked the look of the bags. That is until I opened one. The inside was completely substandard IMO. I guess I am spoiled by the gorgeous suede interior on my Gryson bags.
  7. I saw them in Nordstroms also I think some look like works of art. I called them and they said they may have a sample sale before Mother's day--they are in Los Angeles near me.
  8. I :heart: Them! IRL they are gorgeous! This is my personal favorite. I tried it on and it's no heavier than my Koobas.
  9. I like the look of some, but they're SO heavy and too costly. If they're made in China, ugh.
  10. Hi. The Lockheart bags are designed by the former designers who started Isabella fiore. They are much lighter than Isabella fiore and have even changed their hardware for Fall 2007 to make the bags even lighter. The bags for fall look great. Stay tuned for some gorgeous bags!
  11. i saw pix of them for the first time today, they are adorable. i am definately considering a purchase in the future. they're NICE!
  12. Corsa Collections in Las Vegas just got some new Lockheart and they are cute & lighter than ever. I love the new patent Harness Racing, there's a small one thats really nice. I think they have a better selection than Nordies or Saks because they have the matching wallets there too. They usually have some on sale too.
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    I just got one in vegas this weekend and I love it! not heavy at all. I can't stop wearing it.

  14. My new Lockhearts are so light, they are so comfortable. I have some other bags that are so heavy and I still love them. My old Marc bags weigh a ton, my Paddington is a bear (ha ha), I have a Kooba that kills me in weight, but it kills me with its beauty too!
  15. I don't think my lockheart is heavy :shrugs:And I also don't think the interior is bland or the exterior busy. I think it has just the right amount of detail in all the right places
    I just love it!