Lockett Reveal!

  1. I am new to Jimmy Choo, I received a pair of Laria's which I LOVE for Christmas and a Lockett for my birthday!


    I really love the colors and it's actually really spacious. I'm impressed!
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  2. Wow :loveeyes:
    Congratulations :ghi5:
  3. Jimmy Choo
    Women's Lockett Petite Boho Purple And Silver Sprayed Metallic Dégradé Python Shoulder Bag . My bag seems too delicate Can anyone help me to and tell me how to maintain it ?
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  4. Your bag is just gorgeous, is it the small size or regular? I tried this style on in a JC boutique but didn't pull the trigger ... regrets.
    I just saw today it's on sale, I may now have to get it. Do you happen to have any modmshots?
  5. Mine is the regular size that you get ! It feels extremely delicate to me ! But very pretty And I found this on sale at Bicester village in London for just 1200 pounds
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  6. I don't know about the size, I'm sorry! I'm guessing regular, it's quite spacious.

    I don't have any mod shots, I could get some but I wouldn't be able to do it until Monday. I'm not sure that would be helpful?
  7. wow! this looks gorgeous!