Locket help! (Can't decide)

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  1. I want to buy a gold locket for myself. The problem is that I have a really hard time picking what I want. I'm not really a costume jewelry person; I buy pieces for life. I still have a gold, engraved cuff bracelet that I bought from a vintage place when I was 12 (for $5), and I love it to pieces. My budget absolutely cannot go past $600, but it shouldn't be too hard to fit within it.

    The problem:
    I can't decide whether to get a 18k locket from Blue Nile or get a 14k locket from Tiffany's.

    Medium, $575.
    Small, $400

    Blue Nile:
    Oval, $410
    Round, $400

    Does anyone have pictures of the Tiffanys/Blue Nile lockets on? It's hard to determine size form the pictures.
  2. I personally like the Blue Nile Oval best... it's such a plain, simple piece that if they're both 14K gold, I don't see the point in paying $200 extra for the Tiffany's brand.
  3. I like the Tiffany's one better; it seems to have a more rounded shape which I like (at least from what I can tell from the pictures).
  4. They are all nice. However, for the Tiffany lockets, I don't think the 14kt chain is included at the price point that you are looking at. Do you already own a chain that you can use with the Tiffany lockets?
  5. I'm not worried about the chain right now.

    I do like the shape of the Tiffanys locket better, that's why I'm considering it, but I can't decide whether I should get the shape I want or get one that's slightly less pretty, but cheaper and with a higher quality of gold.
  6. I like the oval shape of the Tiffany's. I didn't know Tiffany's even did 14k; I thought all of their gold was 18k! Learn something new everyday! :smile:
  7. I like the blue nile oval
  8. blue nile oval.... they're all pretty, but i didn't know lockets were so expensive!!
  9. It's probably because of the crazy high cost of gold right now.
  10. Hello fellow HF member!! :heart:, I would love to give you some advice about your locket dilemma.

    If anybody asked me to choose between Tiffany's and somethin else....of course i'd be Tiffany's. But, i'm just wondering how much do you like Tiffany's? If you absolutely are nuts over Tiffany's like me, i'd say go get the Tiffany's locket and i'm sure you could find an inexpensive but good quality gold chain at your mall. Just as others have commented, i think the Tiffany's shape is quite nice. You could actually go to Tiffany's and try on the locket.

    As for size, i think the small Tiffany's locket looks quite nice and it looks as if it could almost be the same size as the Oval one from Blue Nile. The reviews on Blue Nile are also quite helpful sometimes. The locket seems to be enjoyed by a few people....i feel like Blue Nile has some pretty good qualitied stuff. And i think having a higher grade of Gold is quite nice too...i think that's why it's so expensive.

    So, my advice is, GO TO TIFFANY's...lol, and try on the small sized locket w/a gold chain, and if you fall in love with it, BUY IT!! :heart:!!! Tiffany's is always worth it imo. :smile:

  11. YAY! HF :biggrin: :yahoo:

    Yeah, I'm not a huge tiffany's fan, but I do like the shape better. If I were to pass it down or something, the brand does add to it. It would be a no brainer if the smaller one worked well, since it's the same price, but I think the medium is more my style. I'd have to save up a little longer for the tiffany locket, but it's my end-of-year gift to myself, so we'll see. I also absolutely love the Olympian charms because I'm a huge nerd, so I might add one on (silver though, because the gold is crazy expensive).
  12. I like the Bluenile ROUND locket.

    I have several lockets - mainly oval but I do have round, square and rectangle. I always get compliments on the lockets which are not the "norm".
  13. I like the Bluenile oval locket. I just think it seems a bit more traditional in look compared to the Tiffany's piece.
  14. I prefer the Tiffany locket b/c I like the roundness of it. . .

    . . . but I am a big locket fan and I am always looking for the unusual. You can find some great vintage pieces at a good price, b/c lockets were so popular in 19th and early 20th century. Sometimes these are a fun alternative, and different from the norm. For instance:


    On a related topic, I am also a HUGE fan of Victor Mayer lockets. You can order them in all sorts of custom enamel/gold/jewel combinations. They are quite expensive, but occasionally you can find them on eBay or going-out-of-business sales at jewelers:
  15. i love the med tiff one!! the gold may be better with the blue nile one, but for long term purposes i would go with tiff...at least you will have a place to ALWAYS go in and have it shined and yadda yadda yadda!!! :smile:

    oh and the shape is just soooooo cute in person! :smile: