lock... with keys attached?

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  1. I've heard of some people keeping the keys attached to the lock and wearing it outside of the bag (on the zipper pull)... anyone have pics of this? Wouldn't the keys fall off/get lost?! :hrmm:
  2. I have the key ring locked onto my lock and attached to my Damier's tab. Even if you place the keys inside the lock, they won't just fall out, though.
  3. I do that with my Hermes, but I attach the lock to the clochette. I will say that on my LV bags a couple of times I've just stuck the keys in the lock and forgot and left it like that for a week of carrying it, and the keys never came out!
  4. I have mine attached inside the bag together...[​IMG]

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  5. here is another.

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  6. Yeah this is what I do...they're safe on there.
  7. [turned the flash off my cell phone so i could take a closer pic]
  8. I do the same with mine.


    Excuse the cam phone image. I prefer to keep the keys on because I don't want to hide them and turn into on of those people who doesn't "know where the keys are". But, I've also seen ladies with the key's in the lock. I just wouldn't want to have some kid or kid-adult tempted to twist my lock open.
  9. I did this with my Speedy, as well. I originally had them just in the lock (and they were fine), but I locked them onto the lock after a few days.
  10. Hmmm... I don't know if this is a stupid question but if you lock both keys onto the lock can't you not ever open the lock again......? or am I missing something here? :shame:
  11. I just keep the keys inside of the bag. I only used a lock and key for the bag once.. that was during Thanksgiving when everyone left coats and bags inside of a bedroom.

    Halfway during watching tv, I noticed that a good amount of people were gone. Turns out they were in the bedroom talking and touching the bag. Verrry sneaky. :graucho:
  12. Good thinking...I really like the look of locking the keys with the lock (as shown above) it never occured to me to do it this way. But now that you mentioned this, what do you do?:shrugs:

  13. the keys are on one of those little key rings .. the type where u can always slip the keys out through:
  14. Ooohhhh....hahaha, the light bulb has come on now...LOL!:blush: