lock warping end tab on speedy

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  1. Hey, on my azur speedy (which i've had for....maybe a year now?) i keep the lock on the end tab. Well, it has turned the inside hole black, and the hole on the side is stretched out and the tap end is starting to curl up. why!? i don't notice it THIS BAD on my mono, which i've had for longer.

    any suggestions to fix this? I already treat the bags with appleguard and shining monkey 1x per year. I know i need to get brasso to clean the locks, alghtough, to be honest, they aren't black or anything, just not a "bright" as when they were knew.
  2. This happens. It's happened to all of my speedies. I think it's inevitable!
  3. I just got the azur in 30 haven’t used it yet, I am searching for some type of protector for this problem in advance, and ideas??
  4. Unless you actually use the lock to lock your bag closed, not sure why you'd want to carry the extra weight. I'm not a fan of the dangling lock (mine stays in my drawer at home), though I know a lot of people like the "look."
  5. No, I love the lock look on the tap
  6. I only put the lock on the bag when I'm using it for storage remove the lock and
    Put it in the bag. The stretching of the leather is a given with the heavy brass lock.
  7. Thanks ladies
  8. I think the ONLY way you can fix it is to get the tab replaced. You can't exactly pull back that sagging part, you know?

    In the future, if you get more speedies/decided to get that fixed, just keep the lock off, or keep it on the brass base of the handles. For me, I keep it at home until I actually need it (ie. traveling, going through crowded places, etc.)
  9. I use my lock on the end tabs to actually lock my speedy when I go to the grocery store. Other than that, I will put my lock on the metal part of the handle, because I have a big fear of the holes getting stretched like flabby earholes! That look isn't good for people, much less a beautiful LV speedy... just my opinion.
  10. The hole only stretches out if you hold the lock when you unzip ur purse . The black will easily come off with a white eraser . :')
  11. FYI, I just had the leather tab w/hole for lock replaced on my 2001 Speedy 25CM- it cost $34 and my nice SA gave me a brand new lock to go with it. The only downside is that it is brand new light leather so it stands out. I likely will not wear the lock on the tab for everyday.
  12. You have to replace it to fix it . I have had speedys forever and it never happened to mine. It only happens if when you unzip and zip ur purse you hold the lock to do it :crybaby:
  13. Wow, new tab replacement for $34? My speedy def needs just that? Woild it be ok if I get your SA's name and contact number? :wondering