lock quetion

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  1. I've noticed the lock on the birkin that I got last week has a 09-06 under the HERMES logo. I never noticed this on the other birkins I have seen.

    Is this something new? does it represents something, like it was made on Sep 06?:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Did you buy from Hermes store?:?:
  3. yes I did. does it sound fake of something???? pls don't scare me.
  4. I'm sure there are no worries as its come from Hermes.

    Perhaps one of the ladies of new purchases will chime in with some info soon:smile:
  5. attached is a very bad pic from my camera phone. you will see an other circle on the lock b/c that is the reflection from my phone.

    I am just worry b/c I read somewhere. where ppl take fake birkins to H for exchange and the SA didn't even know it and it ends up on some other customers hands.:sweatdrop:

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  6. ooooo I would like to hear ladies who shop at the mothership comment on the "date stamp" embossed on the lock.
  7. I am not sure if it's a date stamp but I am just guessing. Pls tell me other ppl got this same style lock from the H store also.:sweatdrop:
  8. cxyvr, how about calling your H store and ask about it?
  9. I'd call the Hermes you bought it from and just ask if you have concerns. :yes: Sorry I don't have a Birkin so that's the only advice I can give! :shame:
  10. cxyvr

    Have brighten up the photo.

    Hope you don't mind:smile:


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  11. MrsS and CB are right...............phone your store tomorrow or go in there and ask your SA if she will explain.
  12. thanks nikki for brightening up the pic. I will try and call my SA tomorrow.
  13. Okay I just got a pm from one of the pb member and she got the same numbers on her lock too. She also got her birkin directly from H.
  14. That's good...I definitely wouldn't worry. I know they would be vigilant re: return bags because even when I worked at Coach the manager would totally inspect return bags to make sure they weren't fake. I have a feeling Hermes would be really strict/careful about returns. :flowers: :flowers:
  15. Also IIRC, the bag was sealed and just pulled out of package for the initial customer....it wasn't taken out of the store until you.